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Hello. I trust your knowledge on this breed question?

Good evening. I trust your knowledge on this. What kind of breed is this dog? (Links at the end of enquiry.) Additionally, if you could provide…

ASKED BY Member 1220824 1 week, 1 day ago
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Sachi (1997-2012)

What breeds are in brother's dog?

I made a post in the forum about this question and it has pictures of my bro's dog…

ASKED BY Sachi (1997-2012) 2 weeks, 5 days ago
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Sammy Tofu

Can you please help me figure out what breed my dog is?

I've had my dog Sammy for 6 years now, receiving her from a friend of a friend who could not take care of her. She is 6 years old and ~40 pounds…

ASKED BY Sammy Tofu on 3/16/14
TAGGED mutt, breed, mixedbreed IN Mixed Breeds


What breeds do you think my puppy is mixed with?

we found an ad for rocky and fell I love with him instantly. we got him when he was eight weeks old. he is now five months old. the previous owner had…

ASKED BY Rocky on 3/3/14
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What breed is my lab mixed with?

Can anyone help me figure out what breed my puppy might be. I know she is a lab but I don't know what the mix is. She is about 7 months old. my…

ASKED BY Kaname on 3/1/14
TAGGED breed, lab, mixed IN Mixed Breeds

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