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Looking for a medium-energy dog breed. Breed help needed?

Hi-I was hoping to get some insight on what dog breeds I should be looking do more research on. I understand that each dog is an individual and a lot…

ASKED BY Member 1249901 1 hour, 8 minutes ago
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How big will my rottweiler mix get?

Hi my pup is mixed with rottweiler and pitbull ( i think the pitbull is mixed she looks mixed in my opinion but they say she full pit ) my question is…

ASKED BY Midnight 5 days, 7 hours ago
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Will my pitt/rotti mix grow as big as a rotti?

Hi I recently got a pitt/rotti mix (though i cnt see the pit in her) i love her but i've been getting some crap about her lookin like a mongrel my…

ASKED BY Member 1249603 6 days, 23 hours ago
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Shelter Puppy

What Dog Breed is this shelter puppy?

I have been visiting this little guy in the shelter the past 2 days. I am legit interested in adopting him. I just wish I had a better idea of his…

ASKED BY Shelter Puppy 1 week ago
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How to convince my parents to get a shelter dog, and what should we get?

I am a 13 year old girl and I am at boarding school.This means that I would not get to see the dog as much, but it is having the dog in the holidays…

ASKED BY Member 1249373 1 week, 6 days ago
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Can someone tell me what breeds my puppy is?

Axel is about 3 months old, and his mom looked like a chihuahua mix. I'm just curious to see what you guys think he's mixed with.

ASKED BY Axel 2 weeks, 3 days ago
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What breed is my boy Jed?

He's a large dog weighs about 46 pounds. He has short black hair with white around his paws, belly and tail. He also has some on his face too. I…

ASKED BY Jed 3 weeks, 6 days ago
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