My dog picks a random object and starts to growling to everyone and even bit! What can I do? What he trying to say?

He has 2yeas old. he's super sweet, knows how to play, obeys to basic orders, brand diet, goes for a walk 3 days minimum... Out of no where, he picks…

ASKED BY Côco on 7/22/13
TAGGED play, growling, growl, aggressive, sweet, bit, chewing, branddiet, sock, towel IN Behavior & Training


Petco vs. Midwest crates?

I have a 6mo old boxer. about 30lbs. I'd say he's kinda strong. Which one would you trust to hold him in? and im also hoping that he grows…

ASKED BY Tyson on 10/3/12
TAGGED crate, crates, kennel, petco, midwest, help, better, brand, sturdy, heavy, duty, training, train, boxer, white, indoor IN Crate Training

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What is the best food to feed my bichon frise puppy?

i am getting a bichon frise puppy soon and i don`t know what food to feed him wet or dry what brand????????

ASKED BY Member 1115553 on 6/13/12
TAGGED brand, food, wet, dry, bishonfrise, puppy IN Food & Nutrition

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Wondering what some suggestions are brand wise and also where I can turn to or trust for ratings/reviews.…

I have an 8 year old Jack Russel/Beagle mix. For the past year he's been on Nutro Ultra. Since I'm getting low and need to pick up a new bag in the…

ASKED BY Member 1114756 on 6/9/12
TAGGED food, nutrition, brand, ratings, reviews IN Pet Food


Food for a picky 4 yo Bichon Frise ( dry or canned) (whic brands) ?

My 4 yo bichon frise is a fussy eater. I livein australia so aome of these brands may not be familiar to some of you We currently feed her on My…

ASKED BY Holly on 4/13/12
TAGGED food, canned, dry, bichonfrise, holly, yearold, australia, brands, mydog, purinaone, fussy, eater, picky, eating, health, nutrition, question, answer, please, help, dog, puppy, adult, small, little, wet, dry IN Wet Dog Food


What is a good dog food brand that's fairly inexpensive but high-quality?

We tried to switch our dog's foods before but they had terrible diahrea and they threw up incesantly. I wasn't expecting this, but at the same time…

ASKED BY Sophie on 2/6/12
TAGGED food, brands, help, alpo IN Pet Food

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I eat Blue Buffalo.…

My chihuahua is 10 months old. Since I got him I been feeding him Blue Buffalo. So, I was wondering after he turns a year old should I stick with…

ASKED BY Member 1079495 on 1/4/12
TAGGED food, dryfood, bestbrand, chihuahua, healthy IN Pet Food

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What food brand is best for my yorkie?

my yorkie is a boy and he is three months old

ASKED BY Member 935959 on 1/5/10
TAGGED yorkie, food, brand IN Pet Products

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