Carrot Ironfoundersson

Destructive Chewing in 1-year-old dogs with plenty of stimulating toys?

Our two dogs, Carrot and Vimes, leave a crime scene to be discovered whenever I come back from work. My fiance and I only leave them alone for about 5…

ASKED BY Carrot Ironfoundersson on 12/21/13
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If i get a female jack russell puppie that we will spay; will my other two male jacks get along? Their nutered & 8 & 10?

Thinking of getting a new jack russell terrier puppy and really neeed to know if they will get along and not act weird please answer!!! Will they…

ASKED BY Member 1091580 on 2/12/12
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♥ Babe ♥

Rude boys from my school try to tease and scare babe?!?!? :(?

when i am walking babe if the neighbors boys see me they run over to tease babe like running into her with their bikes pretending to hit her they also…

ASKED BY ♥ Babe ♥ on 11/24/09
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