My 20 month old Black Lab/Border Collie mix has 'cronic UTI,' what should I do?

This will be her third time going back to the Vet-she has just finished off a 2 week round of anti-biotics and BAM! It's back. I had a hunch that…

ASKED BY Lexx on 9/2/14
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Spayed Female 8 years old platelet 1078 BUN 42 Spayed Female 2 years old ALT 397 Is this abnormal?

They are both Chihuahuas. Just moved to NC, new Vet. Not sure if they are being honest. I appreciate all help. I love my girls!

ASKED BY Carmen on 5/22/14
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Food Allergy? Diarrhea?

I adopted a dog from the shelter about a week ago and was trying to switch him from the Iams puppy formula to Halo puppy formula. Last night was the…

ASKED BY Member 1227121 on 5/16/14
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My small dog ate a lot of cheese. Do I take him to the vet now or let the cheese run its course?

On Sunday, 03/16 I had been snacking on a party platter of cheese. His tummy is a little sensitive, so I didn't give him any. I had left the cheese…

ASKED BY Member 1216814 on 3/19/14
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Sick dog?

My dog has been throwing up and has had runny poop that is bloody for the past 4 days. He has had all of his shots except rabies. He appears to be…

ASKED BY Dexter on 11/23/13
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I think my dog is sick... should I start a rice and boiled chicken and pedialyte diet?

My 1 year old maltese mix has been having loose stools lately, and some vomiting. The vomit appears to be bile, although she has been eating…

ASKED BY Member 1181286 on 7/19/13
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What does it mean when dogs wont eat. and throwing up green stuff mixed with a little blood?

I have a verry small rat terrier. my wife and I noticed a very fast weight loss. With in two days she turned to skin & bones. We tryed feeding her but…

ASKED BY Member 1157462 on 2/28/13
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Blood in vomit/feces?

So my little long haired dachshund (Romeo) has been intermittently vomiting for about a month now (once or twice a week). It was just grass and he…

ASKED BY Member 1146324 on 12/23/12
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