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How do I get my 7 months old American Eskimo female to like me and people in general. She's not very friendly. Help?

I have a 3 years old American eskimo male, and a 7 months old female whom we got when she was 2 months old. the male is the most lovable dog you'll…

ASKED BY Member 1241572 on 1/28/15
TAGGED americaneskimo, eskie, female, behaviorissues, americaneskimobehavior IN Behavior & Training

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Psycho Yorkie?! Need training advice ASAP?

My mom gave me her 8 year old Yorkie since she is traveling so much and can no longer care for her. She only knows the commands "sit" and "stay". I am…

ASKED BY Member 1194712 on 10/16/13
TAGGED anxiousbehavior, pacing, leashpulling, behaviorissues IN Other Behavior & Training

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My girlfreind has two beagle mixes 1 male 1 female and my female pitt and i recently moved in. theyre not getting along?

mainly its the boy beagle mix, dash, and my female pitt bull, lea. although there has been a couple incidents involving my dog lea and her female…

ASKED BY Member 1120022 on 7/10/12
TAGGED dogs, newenvironments, behaviorissues, socializing IN Aggression

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How can i socialize my 5 year old abused Lab mix?

I adopted a 5 year old male black lab mix four months ago. He's a very cute dog but he has major behavior issues as nobody tried to socialize him…

ASKED BY Member 1104046 on 4/4/12
TAGGED labrador, aggression, socialization, abused, behaviorissues IN Socialization