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My dog hogs everything from my other dog, what do I do?

I have two medium sized mixed chihuahuas. The younger/bigger one and the older/smaller one. Whenever I put them in their room my younger dog will…

ASKED BY Member 1208807 on 1/10/14
TAGGED beds, hogging IN Behavior & Training

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Why orthopedic dog beds necessary for large dogs?

Your lovely pets required beds but why orthopedic dog beds are necessary for your large dogs and small pets?

ASKED BY Member 1171927 on 5/25/13
TAGGED orthopedicdogbedsnyc, dogbedsforlargedogs, petbedsforlargedogs, extralargedogbeds, washabledogbeds IN Beds

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My Pittie Mix is starting to act weird at night.Why?

My Pittie Mix Shadow is starting to act weird at night. Here is some examples, excessive licking on blankets and me, sleeping under the blankets…

ASKED BY Member 646098 on 9/24/11
TAGGED scared, storms, licking, blankets, beds, night IN Fears & Phobias


What would be a good, comforting bed for a dog who chews up stuffing?

My four-year-old Yellow Lab can't use a regular doggie bed because she will tear it up and the fuzz and stuffing will come pouring out all over…

ASKED BY Mya on 8/31/11
TAGGED chew, beds, doghouse, stuffing, fluff, labrador, towel, choking, swallowing IN Chewing

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Looking for a dog bed that's tough. I mean one that he can not tare up and get the fluffy stuff out?

I've tried large dog pillow, dog beds. The ones that are like mesh tight material. I even went to a Plush rug that felt like feathers....I slept on…

ASKED BY Buddy Washington on 9/27/09
TAGGED beds, comfort, sleep, dogbed, tough, heaveyduty IN Pet Products

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