How to act around a scared and aggressive dog?

I'm staying with family friends and their friend dropped their dalmatian off here for the day while they were going to the city. I don't know much…

ASKED BY Murphy 3 weeks, 6 days ago
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My dog is afraid of strangers and growls & barks when they come near. He also is aggressive around other large dogs?

My husband and I are In an RV traveling with our 4 year old St. Bernard/Great Pyraneese cross. I know back on the acreage at home I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1240589 on 1/11/15
TAGGED stoppingbarking, unwantedgrowling, aggression, scared, fearful IN Aggression

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My dog is inattentive,obnoxious, and mildly-aggressive with other dogs. My friend needs her dog to stay with me?

These two dogs have been together for short stints in the past, and every time it was difficult to get through. My dog is a rescue that was never…

ASKED BY Member 1239618 on 12/26/14
TAGGED otherdogs, barking, inattention IN Aggression

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Grieving dog? Need help with solutions?

We recently had to put down one of our cats, Lily, unexpectedly and our dog Kona's behavior has changed drastically since the event. She barks…

ASKED BY Member 1239560 on 12/24/14
TAGGED aggression, barking, grieving IN Aggression

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Should I give up my dog? I have 8 month old Labrador purebred. I love my dog DEXTER. But we have lots of behavior proble?

But we have lots of behavior problems. I met one dog trainer he recommends me to give up this dog to someone with large dog is too muc…

ASKED BY Member 1238410 on 12/3/14
TAGGED jumping, barking, hyperactive, overactive, roughplay IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why does my puppy bark at my feet? and how do I stop this?

This is my very first dog so I need a lot of help. I have a long hair chihuahua. He is only 9 weeks old. He has been starting to bark at my feet. I…

ASKED BY Member 1237853 on 11/22/14
TAGGED barking, feet, chihuahua IN Barking

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Who lives in a city where you can hire a city noise monitor to come out and witness a barking dog?

I'm interested in hearing from someone who lives in a city where you can hire a noise monitor (often a of duty police officer or other appropriate…

ASKED BY Member 1236719 on 11/2/14
TAGGED barking, dog, noise, monitor IN Barking

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We have been working with our dog on some dominance/territorial issues and we need some suggestions?

When out for a walk, she does really well on a slack leash, responds to corrections, and does not bark at anyone and she lets everyone pet her…

ASKED BY Member 1236358 on 10/27/14
TAGGED dominance, house, barking, corrections IN Behavior & Training

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