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Need help with bad doggy breath?

My dog's breath seems to be getting worse as time goes by. I had recently gotten her teeth cleaned last summer and we use the special treats that…

ASKED BY Member 1246962 on 5/21/15
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Need help with "low res" food?

My dog, Piglet, has recently developed horrible breath. (Absolutely rancid, dead fish smelling breath) I used to be a vet tech, so I checked all of…

ASKED BY Member 1143999 on 12/6/12
TAGGED badbreath, lowres, dogfood IN Other Health & Wellness

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I have a 4 yr old Lab named Dumbo he is having some hair loss on his back end (sides, clumps) he also has very bad breat?

we used hartz flea spray and shampoo on his a couple of weeks ago he didn't have any issues until now not sure if its the hartz or not

ASKED BY Member 1143641 on 12/4/12
TAGGED hairloss, weakness, badbreathe, hartz IN Illness & Disease

Peanut( P-Baby)

How do you get rid of your chihuahua's bad breath? HELP ME PLEASE! LOL?

I am looking for a way to get rid of my chihuahua's bad breath! I have tried the green dental bones and they made him sick,and he is very sensitive to…

ASKED BY Peanut( P-Baby) on 9/15/12
TAGGED badbreath, dentalcare, chihuahuabreath, stinkybreath, breath IN Dental Care


Is it normal for teething puppies to have especially bad breath?

Hushpuppy used to have normal, stinky puppy breath but in the last week or so, it has gone up a few levels of stink to REALLY AWFUL and almost has a…

ASKED BY Hush on 1/24/11
TAGGED badbreath, teething IN Health & Wellness


How do they do Multiple tooth extractions? I think they call it Level 3 or 4?

I just learned a very embarrassing mistake. My Bichon needed his teeth cleaned about 363 more times a year then I did it. I went to give him his…

ASKED BY Moose on 4/6/10
TAGGED badbreath, infection, loosingteeth, noteeth IN Dental Care

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My dog has a bad breath problem and we some advice regarding his diet?

we use to feed him james well beloved dry food , but hes not happy and has got bored with it, someone suggested raw tripe and rice, i have to be…

ASKED BY Member 937734 on 1/12/10
TAGGED foodideasbadbreath IN Raw Food


My pug has seriously bad breath. I've tried many things but with no results. any other options out there?

I searched the boards but there's not one post that really answers my question. for the past year or so, I have tried fresh breath treats and tablets…

ASKED BY bowser on 5/8/08
TAGGED badbreath IN Dental Care

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