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Am I handling the new baby situation right?

I've had my dachshund Delilah for almost 8 years and she's slept under the covers against my legs every single night. We have a new baby that…

ASKED BY Member 1247987 on 6/12/15
TAGGED newbaby, dachshund, training, changes IN Other Behavior & Training

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Dog messing in the house out of displeasure?

my neutered. 2 year old male dog has been peeing and pooing in the house now for 1 year. I have a newborn baby now so this has to stop or the dog…

ASKED BY Member 1244024 on 3/20/15
TAGGED newbornbabysodogmustgoifnoonecanhelp IN House Soiling

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My dog has dandruff?

I just gave her a bath a few days ago and she didn't have dandruff before the bath and now she does. I used baby shampoo (sensitive, no tear). It's…

ASKED BY Member 1228644 on 6/13/14
TAGGED dandruff, dog, hound, mix, five, skin, problems, body, bath, baby, shampoo IN Skin Problems

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Why does my puppy nips at my 4 year.old daughter but no one else, not even the one year old?

The puppy is a doberman/pit bull. He gets along amazingly with my 1yr old daughter. Plays with my 6yr old son. My four year old is energetic and…

ASKED BY Member 1216836 on 3/19/14
TAGGED biting, chasing, child, kid, baby IN Dogs & Kids

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I have an extremely aggressive dog, and I'm expecting a baby. I love my dog so much...what are my options? Please help?

Please help...I need advice. My 13-year-old Husky mix is extremely aggressive with dogs, children, and strangers. He has viciously attacked other dogs…

ASKED BY Member 1172643 on 5/29/13
TAGGED aggression, children, baby IN Aggression


How do you decide to put a dog down?

My dog just tore her ACL then hurt her other hind leg. We are considering putting her down but nobody wants to.. they say its for the best but is it…

ASKED BY Mya on 12/23/12
TAGGED why, do, pets, need, to, die, so, soon, she, is, still, young, i, love, my, poor, baby, please, keep, her, in, your, prayers IN Illness & Disease


Nervous about finding a doggy daycare…

I have never brought Jasper to doggy daycare, but recently moved into a new living arrangement where no one is home during the day for him. I really…

ASKED BY Jasper on 11/7/12
TAGGED doggydaycare, daycare, babysitter IN Canada

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In the process of finding a second dog but just found out we're expecting a baby. Go ahead and adopt dog now or wait?

Our family includes a 2 1/2-year-old son and an 8-month-old male Boston Terrier mix. We've always wanted to be a two dog family and were recently…

ASKED BY Member 1122677 on 8/7/12
TAGGED children, baby, adopting, kids IN Dogs & Kids

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