My 20 month old Black Lab/Border Collie mix has 'cronic UTI,' what should I do?

This will be her third time going back to the Vet-she has just finished off a 2 week round of anti-biotics and BAM! It's back. I had a hunch that…

ASKED BY Lexx on 9/2/14
TAGGED utiinfectionurinarytractinfectionsickpeeinginhouseantibioticsreoccurringcronicdiseasekidneybloodcrystals IN Health & Wellness


6 year old female boxer with sores that won't go away?

My friend has a boxer who until now has been in good health. In December 2013 she had what they thought was an anal gland infection and went to the…

ASKED BY Lincoln on 4/3/14
TAGGED boxer, antibiotics IN Skin Problems

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I found a dog with a bullet wound, but I can't take it to the vet. How can I help it?

My dad and I recently moved into an area deep in the woods, a friend of his owns all the property around here and offered to let us live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1086313 on 1/22/12
TAGGED bulletwound, openwound, leg, hip, nomoney, nobandage, ointment, antibiotics, gunshot, gun, hunter, woods, adopted IN Emergencies & First Aid


My dog is suffering from a severe ear infection for a year now?

My dog has been suffering with an ear infection for about a year now. She's seen 3 different vets and it wasn't until the third vet, when she was…

ASKED BY Sasha on 10/15/11
TAGGED earinfections, antibiotics IN Health & Wellness

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Why would puppy's muzzle swell, itch, and hair loss while on antibiotics?

My 12 week old min pin puppy had swollen eyes with discharge. The vet gave antibiotics, eye wash and eye ointment. The antibiotics lasted 12…

ASKED BY Member 1046030 on 8/15/11
TAGGED antibiotics, swollenmuzzle, hairloss, eyes IN Health & Safety

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How can i help my dog to walk again after an inner ear infection?

i have a 40 lb. 3 year old mix breed named muffin, a few months ago she started head tilting and we took her to the vet and they found a fox tail in…

ASKED BY Member 1014999 on 12/8/10
TAGGED ear, infection, walk, sick, foxtail, antibiotics, vet, redness, eat, drink IN Health & Wellness

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