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Standard Poodle. Winter hair length blade # to use?

I used to clip the poodle's body for winter with a 1/2"comb on a #40 blade. It worked fine but was very slow. So I bought a #4 Oster blade for my A5…

ASKED BY Member 1244330 on 3/27/15
TAGGED grooming, standardpoodle IN Grooming

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3month constipated had white gel in his stool having a feeding and watering with the syringe very lethargic?

Beengiving him in the mud and applesauce and Pedialyte For his constipation is there anything else I should do? he has an appointment tomorrow at…

ASKED BY Member 1244244 on 3/25/15
TAGGED amoxicillin, pedialyteandapplesauce IN Medications

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How to handle a dog that you can't handle?

My mother's dog is 15 years old and has a big problem controlling it bowels. He has a couple of surgeries when he was younger. Now he has to be…

ASKED BY Member 1244047 on 3/20/15
TAGGED sick, putdown, canthandle IN Health & Wellness

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Loss of hair and losing colour - 4 months old puppy?

My mixed breeds puppy, almost 4 months old is losing hair along the spine from the top of the head. Hair on back legs is still fine, but it seems that…

ASKED BY Member 1242090 on 2/7/15
TAGGED hair, loss, dandruff, white IN Other Health & Wellness

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Enlarged vulva?

I just adopted Wheaten Terrier from the shelter. She is 2 years old. I think there is something wrong with her vagina/vulva - it's huge! So before I…

ASKED BY Member 1241746 on 1/31/15
TAGGED vulva, vagina, scooting, dragging, licking, analglands, breeding IN Other Health & Wellness

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Will my sister have severe allergies because of my border collie?

My sister is a severe hay fever sufferer. Will she have bad allergies throughout the year if she comes to live with me and will her hay fever be…

ASKED BY Member 1241431 on 1/25/15
TAGGED humanallergies, hayfever, dander, grooming IN Alternative Treatments

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We brought a male puppy home and our 5 year old male dog has peed inside twice to mark his territory. How do we correct?

Our 5 yrd old is a black lab, and our puppy is an english setter. The Lab is not showing mean aggressiveness to the puppy but does not want to "hang…

ASKED BY Member 1239152 on 12/16/14
TAGGED markingterritory, addinganddog IN Behavior & Training

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