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My 5-year-old Golden Border Retriever only listens to me when I give him food as a reward. What can I do?

I didn't train him when he was a puppy, I got him half a year ago. He won't even sit when I ask him to, only if he knows he'll get a reward, like when…

ASKED BY Member 1231146 4 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED commands, reward IN Commands

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Standard Poodle. Winter hair length blade # to use?

I used to clip the poodle's body for winter with a 1/2"comb on a #40 blade. It worked fine but was very slow. So I bought a #4 Oster blade for my A5…

ASKED BY Member 1244330 on 3/27/15
TAGGED grooming, standardpoodle IN Grooming

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3month constipated had white gel in his stool having a feeding and watering with the syringe very lethargic?

Beengiving him in the mud and applesauce and Pedialyte For his constipation is there anything else I should do? he has an appointment tomorrow at…

ASKED BY Member 1244244 on 3/25/15
TAGGED amoxicillin, pedialyteandapplesauce IN Medications

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How to handle a dog that you can't handle?

My mother's dog is 15 years old and has a big problem controlling it bowels. He has a couple of surgeries when he was younger. Now he has to be…

ASKED BY Member 1244047 on 3/20/15
TAGGED sick, putdown, canthandle IN Health & Wellness

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Loss of hair and losing colour - 4 months old puppy?

My mixed breeds puppy, almost 4 months old is losing hair along the spine from the top of the head. Hair on back legs is still fine, but it seems that…

ASKED BY Member 1242090 on 2/7/15
TAGGED hair, loss, dandruff, white IN Other Health & Wellness

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Enlarged vulva?

I just adopted Wheaten Terrier from the shelter. She is 2 years old. I think there is something wrong with her vagina/vulva - it's huge! So before I…

ASKED BY Member 1241746 on 1/31/15
TAGGED vulva, vagina, scooting, dragging, licking, analglands, breeding IN Other Health & Wellness

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Will my sister have severe allergies because of my border collie?

My sister is a severe hay fever sufferer. Will she have bad allergies throughout the year if she comes to live with me and will her hay fever be…

ASKED BY Member 1241431 on 1/25/15
TAGGED humanallergies, hayfever, dander, grooming IN Alternative Treatments

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