Why are so many ppl ignorant and ignore the truth about Pits...they judge their skin before even seeing their character?

I am a proud owner of a Red/Blue Nose pit, Rastas who happens also to be my Service Dog companion...and I just want to know why all these idiots still…

ASKED BY Rastas on 10/11/12
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What is the difference between The Staffordshire and the Pitbull?

I was trying to find out the answer to this question and ran across this on the internet: http:// www. faqs.org /qa/qa-1627.html (w/o…

ASKED BY Daegan on 11/19/09
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Mr. Perkins

I was abandonded...who am I? Am Staff or Pit Bull. I am 3 months old?

So I can't tell if I am an Am Staff or a Pit Bull. My mommies cannot tell either. Can anyone tell by my photos or know how I any distinguishing…

ASKED BY Mr. Perkins on 5/20/09
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