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PLZ HELP URGENT DOG HAS SERERVE ALLERGIES!! need advice been to the vet 4 times?

Hello guys im really desperate with my poor dog's issue I have a 3 year old copper nose beagel and i love him with all my heart. He has server…

ASKED BY Member 1219001 2 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED allergiesproblems, overheating, sneezing, attackinghimself, help, dogissuffering IN Illness & Disease


Puppy will not stop biting his paws, legs and rear?

Took him the vet and they thought it might be a bacterial infection but the mess and shots have not stopped his chewing. He developed a hot spot and…

ASKED BY Bailey on 11/5/13
TAGGED chewing, allergies IN Health & Wellness

Tiny Rogi

Anyone allergic to their dog's flea medication?

Anyone allergic to Revolution? My hubby recently purchased a new box of Revolution flea meds for our dog and he applied it about 2 weeks ago. Since…

ASKED BY Tiny Rogi on 10/30/13
TAGGED fleameds, revolution, allergies, reaction IN Health & Wellness

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My American bulldog puppies have bumps all over, their is no color to the bumps, only can see the raised short hair?

They are four and a half months old. Their mother has severe alleries. They had fleas when they came home, has been treated weekly, and think they…

ASKED BY Member 1188710 on 9/6/13
TAGGED allergies, health, skin, irritation, fleas, bumps, bump, itchy IN Health & Wellness


Dry food recommendation for dog with environmental allergies?

My dog has environmental allergies and is prescribed 3 Chlorpheniramine Maleate tablets daily. He is currently eating Nutri Source Grain Free…

ASKED BY Cosmo on 9/2/13
TAGGED food, dryfoods, health, allergies IN Other Food & Nutrition

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Why is my rescue licking herself raw and is there a natural or over the counter remedy?

My rescue pup has been licking herself, specifically her leg, ever since she was groomed a few weeks ago. She has always licked, but not this…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED licking, skin, sick, allergies, fungal, leg IN Skin Problems

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I have a 2yr old Shih Tzu that is having an allergy to food. We have tried Natrual Balnce Vegan., a few Pedigree, Pure B?

We have seen a vet for htis problem.

ASKED BY Member 1179718 on 7/11/13
TAGGED health, food, allergies IN Pet Food


I cannot eat high quality foods?

Hi, my name is Punky and I am a very sensitive Boxer/Pit mix. My mommy has tried many different high end foods to deal with my allergies, and turns…

ASKED BY Punkin on 3/23/13
TAGGED purinaone, allergies, hairloss IN Pet Food

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