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Male Akita might be a jealous bully..…

My amazing male akita pup is about a year 1/2. He's been socialized since he was 4 months (daycare once a week and dog park trips almost every…

ASKED BY Member 1248529 on 6/24/15
TAGGED akita, aggression, jealousy IN Aggression

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I need advice/help with my 2.5 year old Akita?

My dog is my world. He's an almost 3 year old Akita and he's huge, weighing 155 lbs but totally fit and healthy. Anyways, I was a dog trainer for…

ASKED BY Member 1246088 on 5/2/15
TAGGED akita, children, biting, aggression, behavior, training, rehome, help IN Behavior & Training

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I have a 10 month old Female American Akita, would she be ok if I got a male samoyed pup? She loves playing and company?

I have a female American Akita who is 10 months old, and she could spend all day playing with another dog. Would she be okay with a puppy? I have…

ASKED BY Member 1213315 on 2/26/14
TAGGED puppy, akita, samoyed IN Other Puppies

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American Akita with Children?

Hi everyone, My name is Robin, my girfriend and I were both looking to get a dog to add to our family which also consists of our 2 year old daughter…

ASKED BY Member 1209169 on 1/12/14
TAGGED akita, children, kids, behaviour IN Akita

Sophia Koyuki

If an Akita Inu is raised from 7 weeks of age with Chihuahuas, Will she learn to accept them?

I have 2 Chihuahuas, a 5 y/o female and a 2 y/o male, and recently got a 7 week old female Akita Inu. My male Chi is great with the Akita so far…

ASKED BY Sophia Koyuki on 1/6/14
TAGGED chihuahua, akita, akitainu, aggression, akitapuppy, akitainupuppy, chihuahuaaggression, help IN Aggression

Sophia Koyuki

Akita Inu and Chihuahua's living together?

I have 2 chihuahuas, and I recently brought home a little Akita Inu pup. My Eldest Chi has had experience with large dogs, as we had a King Shepherd…

ASKED BY Sophia Koyuki on 1/1/14
TAGGED akitainu, chihuahua, breeds, smallbreed, largebreed, help IN Akita

Sophia Koyuki

We just got our new Akita today. We got her quite last minute, and I was wondering if she is an American or Japanese Aki?

Yes, i've had an Akita before. His name was Kemosabe and he was a beautiful American Akita. Loved him.

ASKED BY Sophia Koyuki on 12/30/13
TAGGED akita, chihuahua, puppy, japaneseakita, americanakita, behavior IN Behavior & Training


How to keep a puppy from getting bored after neuter?

My akita was just neutered on his 6 month birthday(4 days ago). The vet said "Keep the cone on 24/7 until his recheck and keep him from running or…

ASKED BY Denali on 11/17/13
TAGGED neuter, bored, akita IN Spaying & Neutering

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