Zoey Leigh Domenico

Yorkie VS Yorkie~~Dog Fighting! HELP!! 911 !!!

How do I stop my Yorkie's from fighting?2 girls.Izzy attacks Zoey in vengence for no reason;mean lil thing!HELP Please!?
Izzy-2yrs old, Zoey- 4 yrs old, both Yorkies have been socialized, been around children, walks,big fenced in yard,spoiled, etc. Izzy literally attacks Zoey anytime she is anywhere near her for no reason. (Ive made very close observations to try to correct) No hitting done, voice control only- have established leader role(ie. dog whisperer style). I am concerned, very! Don't want to give her away AT ALL. I want to work thru it and save her. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!

Asked by Zoey Leigh Domenico on Jan 17th 2008 Tagged agression, fighting, attacks in Aggression
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Lacey Luv

Ahh the female fighting, much worse than the males!! Has this been going on since you brought the second dog in?? I would suggest first letting Izzy know that YOU are the "top dog" not her. Dogs will vie for social position when there is more than 1. Feed Zoey first all the time but supervise. Google NILIF website, it is crucial to act now to prevent escalation of the fighting. NILIF has great suggestions that work if you use it consistantly.

Lacey Luv answered on Jan 18th.

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Poor Yorkies, I have seen your question before but I do not have a good answer for you. I have heard having more than one female can be complicated. I also know little Abby is more "rough" than Alex. She was our first female and we were a little surprised in the differences between her and Alex. And Abby is spayed and Alex is nueterd.
Are your little ones spayed? That may have something to do with her behavior.
I really hope someone can give you a better answer!
Good Luck!

Member 497436 answered on 1/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

The best thing to do is leave them alone, so long as they aren't hurting each other. If you must interfere, do it right.
Watch them fight. Try to determine which one is "the boss"(or "Top Dog") of the other dog. Then, correct the "underdog". If you correct the Top Dog, then you may just make her peeved at the other dog and the fighting could become more serious. You correct "the underdog" by puting him in a submissive posotion. Grab the "underdog's" back legs and roll her over onto her back. This should pacify the Top Dog.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 1/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Sandy CGC

What do you mean dog whisperer style? Alpha rolls? If you're using physical force to establish yourself, you've just undermined yourself. Dominance theroy has been debunked. Only lower ranking dogs use physical correction.

Does Izzy have possession of anything - toys, food, choice bed, near you? If yes, then she is resource guarding. If not, who do you greet first when you get home? Feed first? If you're feeding them at the same time you'll have to start feeding one first. Support the dog that has been there the longest. Make sure that you control the resources and that they must earn everything. The dog that sits first, gets petted first. The dog that downs first, gets to eat dinner first. And so on.

Don't hesitate to ask for professional help!

Sandy CGC answered on 1/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer