why is my one dog attacking the other , i never had this problem before

I have an 18 year old cocker, who is dying. I have a two year pitt who latleyshe has been going after my cocker is this normal behavio? Is this normal behavior, what is going on? My cocker she be able to die in peace.

Asked by Member 1135654 on Oct 13th 2012 in Aggression
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Pits are known for being a bit agressive, since they are very popular in dog fighting places. Maybe your dog has a lack of understanding so she is being agressive to get her way. Remember, dogs can not sense age. Or, she is trying to get your dying dog to get up to play with her to make sure he/she is okay. Either way, she has a lack of understanding that her play mate is dying. Since you can not tell your dog that it is your other dog's time to go like you can a child, try distracting her from the other dog until it passes away. Do this every day your sick dog lives. Take her for a walk. Play fetch in the back yard. Just find something she enjoys and stick to it. Do not spend too much time with your cocker, or your pit will get jelous and continue attacking your other dog. You can also go over your dog's agressiveness with a vet or animal behaviorist. Hope this helps!

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