Why is my dog limping after getting spayed?

I got my 9 month old Chihuahua spayed last Tuesday (march 6th) and once she started getting up and around the next day or two, I noticed that she will not use her right hind leg. She has never had any problems before with it and is a pretty good and active pup. I checked her whole leg out from hip to paw and can't find anything noticeably wrong with it, nothing in her paw, nothing. There was no tender spot where she got upset with me for touching it. She just won't put pressure on it and if she does, it seems like it gives out. Her foot seems to be at an angle. I did everything they asked for post-surgery recovery, and I am worried about his. What do I do? It was performed at a spay/neuter clinic but I didn't have to pay for the procedure. I got it thru a grant type thing. Regardless, if it has to do with spay (which is obvious to me) they are still liable, right? I just want her okay again. :(

Asked by Member 1099003 on Mar 11th 2012 Tagged spay, limping, chihuahua, surgery, hindleg, injury, spaying in Spaying & Neutering
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