Why does my puppy keep throwing up?

He's only 1 (turning 2 in october 2010) and he keeps pukeing... he's making noises when he does it. He's a boxer renasance bulldog mix (valley bulldog). We gave him a Rollaide to see if that would help but he puked it up.

Asked by Member 999968 on Aug 9th 2010 in Health & Safety
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First off, Rolaids can be very dangerous for dogs. Please don't give him any more and consult your vet immediately.

Vomiting like this can be dangerous if it continues as the dog can become dehydrated and have lasting health effects or even die from dehydration. Sometimes it is hard to tell if the dog is dehydrated on your own, so definitely take him to the vet.

As for what is causing the vomiting, again, it's a good idea to get him to that vet to get a definitive diagnosis. It can be something he ate or something more complicated like a blockage or physical issue. Once your vet determines what is causing the vomiting, it can be treated. You may want to bring a stool sample and a history of everything he's eaten, or places you've been with him for the past week or whenever the vomiting started.

Without treatment, it may resolve with a bland diet, but severe, persistent vomiting is something that ALWAYS needs to be taken seriously.

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