Where can I put my dog up for adoption?

My dog is really hyper sometimes and sometimes pee a bit,we are planning to give him away because our house is stinky and we need to go to the Philipines for a month,and we can't leave him in his pet taxi for a month! So,if anyone can help me find a rescue or shelter where they put dogs for adoption. I really love him,I want a nice,safe place for him,if you are interested, u can look at his profile,and message me,thank you.

Asked by Banditto on Jul 18th 2010 in Adoption & Rescue
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On your Dogster profile, you can go down to where his picture is and look to the right where there will be several green links. One of them reads "Modify Biography & Traits". Select this link then you will see lettering in bold that says "Edit Profile for Banditto". Scroll down just a little bit and right under where it says "Gender", there will be a box that says "Check here if this doggie is adoptable". Select the box and others will know that they can adopt Banditto.

There is also a very thrustworthy website called PetFinder: You can post Banditto here.

Please think through about putting him up for adoption. You can always try to train him, and have a close friend or family member watch him while you are in the Philipines. I know that you love him, so there are choices you have if you do not want to give him away. Please paw mail me if you have any other questions and good luck with Banditto.

Brutus answered on 7/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm sorry but this seems like Disposable Dog Syndrome to me.

Dogs pee indoors when you don't take the time to properly train them. That's just a fact of life. Also, dogs can be "hyper" when they are younger or when they don't get enough exercise. Neither of these things are his fault.

Part of owning a dog is the responsibility of providing that dog training and love and a safe place to live for life. Deciding to go the out of the country for a month seems like something that you can get around if you really wanted to keep him. You could find a way for one family member to possibly remain behind or find someone to take care for him for four weeks, this doesn't seem like a reason to get rid of a dog you say you love so much.

And I'm afraid that because you've not trained him properly, he'll have a harder time placing him without being housebroken.

If you really truly must give him up, find a good reputable no-kill rescue in your area and work with them.

I'm sad for him!

Jack answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I'm sorry you have to give him up. It's not ideal, and everyone knows that I think. Just remember the next time you get a pup that if you don't have time, energy, money, space, or anything else that prevents you from really helping with your pup that you probably shouldn't have one. It will only make your life, and the dogs life, a living hell.

Type in and see what your local shelters are. I would give him a bath and clean him up pretty and take him to your local no-kill shelter/s. They should be able to help you.

I'm really sorry it didn't work out, maybe in the future you can think about it twice before accepting an animal that you will have a difficult time careing for?

Gunner answered on 8/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer