When will my log haired dachshund's long hair start growing in? He's 13 months and he still looks like a puppy.

He is a purebred long haired mini chocolate dapple. He is starting to have some wisps on his ears and slightly longish hair on his neck, and on backs of his legs, but he's had this for awhile. I don't mind, because he's adorable just the way he is, but I was just curious. Does he have developmental growth delays?

Asked by Oliver on Nov 13th 2007 Tagged longhaired, dachshund, hair, growth, development in Miniature Dachshund
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I had a mini red dapple long haired (well I thought). He was two years old and never got the long hair. He was actually a medium hair, wasn't long wasn't short. He looked like yours does, maybe a tad bit longer. Not a whole lot changes in the looks department after a year old for these little guys. Maybe you will have a medium hair like I had.

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♥ Bella Mae ♥

Bella hasn't grown her long coat yet either but she is only 9 months. The last time I went to the vet, the vet tech actually told me she owned a long-haired doxie as well and her dogs coat took about a year and a half to two years to grow in. So I know I have some time to wait. :)

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