When will my 7 month old puppy stop chewing and swallowing everything.

My 7 month old puppy eats and swallows everything in the yard. He gets lots of exercise and we watch him like a hawk. He is crated when we can't watch him. But he still grabs things in the house and outside and swallows it.

Asked by Member 812963 on Mar 8th 2009 Tagged chewingandswallowingthings in Behavior & Training
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If your watching him like a hawk, he shouldn't be able to chew and swallow anything.
Deogie was never out of my sight. When he would put anything in his mouth I immediately knew. If he went for a shoe, a firm NO and I would direct him to something he could chew.
We made him a toybox and filled it with toys and bones, exceptable chew things. I would direct him to his box, give him something. I would praise like crazy when he started playing with it. He quickly learned that his toybox is where he needed to go.
Dogs when they are outside will try and put things into their mouths. Garbage or dead things. You need to teach him the "leave it" command. Many things can make your pup sick or worse.
Good luck to you.

♥ DEOGIE ♥ answered on 3/8/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi there!
Your puppy is most likely teething, and as a young dog, he is as curious as a human toddler - exploring everything by putting it in his mouth. Giving him appropriate chew toys and teaching him the "drop it" command will be of great help to you!
There are lots of great chew toys out there, but my favorite is the Kong (which comes in all sizes), because you can stuff it with part of his daily food ration and let him work to get it out. There are other interactive toys, as well, that will give him a fun mental challenge to get at the food or treats inside.
The best way to teach him to drop something is to give him something better in exchange. If you always have something extra-yummy, like tiny bits of hot dog or grilled chicken, you can start working with him to trade whatever's in his mouth for what you have in your hand. He will be happy to trade up for the yummy treats, while you grab the disgusting whatever and throw it in a covered trash can. Make it a fun game!
Good luck!

Katie answered on 3/10/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer