What to do when your dog is going to be home alone all day?

I am about to purchase a Bichon Frise in a couple of months. I have done all the research and already have the vet and groomer lined up. However, I am very concerned about leaving the dog home alone all day. I will be home for the first couple of months. However, I work full time. I have read articles on the crate, etc. I cannot afford a dog walker/sitter. Does anyone have any advice? I don't want my dog to have to hold it all day. For that reason, I wont get dog! But this has been my dream to get another since my family dog died.

Asked by Member 571407 on Feb 21st 2008 in Puppies
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I am about to have this problem with my Tiffy. She will be moving with me soon and I work full time and go to school M-F after work. That would leave Tiffy in the house by herself for 12+ hours. Some one on here suggested to come home during my lunch break to take her out, which is a good idea. I also thought about leaving puppy pads in the house for her and training her to use them. I think the puppy pads would work if you can't go home during the day.

♥Tiffy♥ answered on 2/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well its not hard, I have a class that runs from 8 am to about 5 pm twice a week, during that time I crate Dudley, inside his crate is a blanket, chew toys, and stuffed toys. He honestly probably sleeps most of the time I am gone, but atleast this way I know if he gets an urge to play he has his toys. Around lunch I come back home and walk him. On shorter days 8 to 2, I don't really need to come back here until 2, because he can "hold it" 5 hours.
Another option to Crating is to gate him/her in a room, that way it can have water and toys and some space to run about. If you do that you might also be able to leave a wee wee pad down.

Good Luck!!!

Dudley answered on 2/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If I were you I'd just try potty pads and not housebreaking. If a dog learns to go on a potty pad they can stay at home alone and it's not a big deal. My Shih Tzu is housebroken but if we go away for the weekend to visit family I leave him in the kitchen with potty pads and he always uses them. Potty pads would just be the best choice for you.

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Doby  - AAA,AACR

Depending how old the dog is will depend on this answer. If it's a puppy that needs training, you will have to depend on someone to frequently let this pup out.

If the dog is older and housebroken, it shouldn't be much of a problem depending how long you will be gone. I leave for work from 7am to 5-5:30 pm and their fine. You can leave on classical music to help them feel more comfortable so they don't have issues being left alone. During the time you are at home, take the advantage of leaving your dog at home alone. Leave the dog at first for 10 min. and then you can gradually lengthen the time. If the dog does well each time you leave, give lots of praise. Please make sure you crate train your dog. That's very important. If you get them use to it, they will love it. It also will protect your house from possibly getting destroyed. I hope this will help answer your question. Another source of answers would be a Veterinarian or check with a local dog trainer for tips.

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Miss Buddie

My babies are home alone during the day. We take a long walk in the morning and then I gate them in the kitchen with their bed, food, water and toys for the day. I put pee pee pads down in case someone needs to go before we get home. Then Miss Buddie gets another walk when we get home.

Works just fine for us.

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Millie ~In Loving Memory~

I purchase a dog pen from my local petstore and it works great just leave a bone,stuffed kong, some blanket, and if you wanted you could leave some potty pads out for her if the pen is large enough when the dog gets older she will be able to hold it for a longer amount of time just be sure to let her out right before you leave and right when you come home.

Millie ~In Loving Memory~ answered on 2/21/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


What my mom did is she went out and bought a baby gate. Whenever she had to leave was she locked me in the kitchen with the baby gate. When mom was getting ready to leave, she would put my bed, a couple of blankets and a few toys in the kitchen. She would also leave me a rawhide. I was pretty happy! She also would put one of the puppy pads on the floor, so if I really had to go, I'd have a place to go. But that's what I'd recommend.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Use the crate when your not home, and have a neighbor let her out. A fully-grown dog can "hold it" for 8 hours. A puppy at the age of 8 weeks? I think about 2, maybe 3 hours. I think that the number of hours increases by 2 each time the puppy gets one month older.

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I've always been told that pups can't hold it for longer than 2-3 hours. If you are a fan of crate training, then place a crate inside of a dog pin, and set out potty pads. That way the pup and do it's business outside the crate and stretch a little. Leave some toys.

BUT with puppies, NO BLANKETS! They can sufficate. I hadn't heard about this until after it happened. A magazine said to put the crate somewhere in the house that you spend most time and at night, put the crate in your room. The first night I did that, I heard Roxy thrashing around and making weird noises. I jumped up and she had herself stuck inside the blanket and she couldn't breathe! I had to take her out and completely unwrap her. She wasn't cold because she sleeps on a pillow with a heating pad under the cover on medium. She's just a snuggler.

A baby gate is good too. You can get one at Walmart for $30. Usually it's in the kitchen or bathroom where there's no carpet and its easier to clean up any messes.Good luck

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My co-worker has two small dogs and he bought a tray that goes in the botton of a dishwasher so it is stainless and won't rust and has a lip all the way around it. He lines it with newspaper or pads. It is like a metal "litterbox". I go to my gradmas everyday and my parents don't know what they are going to do when I can't anymore. When I was small, and still fit in my crate, my moms friends dad, who was retired, came over in the middle of the day to let me out and play. I only had a few accidents at first but then I was good.

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I agree with all of the above posters. I stay at home for about 11 hours in a puppy play pen with my heated bed, my water and some food (because I'm so small and may become hypoglycemic), and my puppy pads.
In the beginning when I was just a puppy, I stayed in there all day with the whole thing lined with puppy pads, but eventually, I learned to do my thing on one pad.
She also takes me to doggy day care one day a week to keep me tired and takes me for a walk everyday...a tired puppy is a good puppy!
Just one thought...My mommie wonders if a Bichon is the right dog for you, only because they typically need lots of human companionship and will not do well with long periods alone. They are companion dogs and need to be with humans. I know you are set on the breed, but please consider my mommie's advice, as Bichons tend to be destructive when left alone for a long time.
Good Luck!

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You can leave your dog in a crate and put his/her water, food and toys in the crate. Please get that dog!!!

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