What can I do to calm my 18 month old Cavapoo?

She's a lovely girl and she loves people, but sadly, she loves them a bit too much. She wants to lick everyone's face! She jumps up and if I try to restrain her, or hold her close on the lead, she pulls and whines and yowls really excitedly.

She does this with people in the street if they say hello to me or her, and in the house if they dare to enter. She sees lots of folks out walking, but ignores them if they ignore her. We lose her when they say hi, though.

We don't have many visitors, so she isn't being exposed to people so much. She is becoming a bit of a nusciance with it. We have put her through 2 lots of obedience class and she was just like my daughter...great at school, bloomin orrible away from it :) What can we do to stop her jumping up and being so giddy with people?

Asked by Member 1095520 on Jan 17th 2013 Tagged behaviour, jumping, training, lead, walking, overfriendly in Jumping Up
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Tony Hernandez

Hi. It sounds like your dog is somewhat insecure. That's usually where all the kissing comes from.Try some goal-oriented fun with her. Cavalier mixes are quite active, and enjoy pleasing people. Major brains come with the Poodle side of the mix. Simple fetch tricks may make her feel confident. Praise her infinitely when she learns something new. Definitely exercise her more. Leisurely walks where she gets to interact with everyone are probably not a good idea now. Instead, take 15 minute focused, fast-paced walks that engage her and get her brain looking ahead, anticipating. Also, do not allow her to jump up on YOU. A calm, simple reprimand, such as a "no" with a gentle but assured touch, will speak volumes to her. When you encounter new people, correct her as soon as she exhibits the urge to go up to them. Usually this comes in the form of excessive sniffing, or lots of tail wagging with the neck extended. Good luck.

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