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Westie(West Highland White Terrier) Grooming Question?

Mom's saving up her money to buy a Westie puppy and has been researching about them and is trying to decide wether,when grooming, to clip it or to strip it. Any opinions are welcome! Oh and if you can find/know of a good stripping tool,easy to use, please tell me or give me a website! Thanks! Mom also thought maybe she could rotate. Like one month clip then the next month strip. Please let me know what you think! :) Thank you! :D

Asked by The Lovely Miss Silvia(AKC) on Feb 20th 2011 Tagged westie, westhighandwhiteterrier, strip, clip in Home Grooming
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Stripping is a continuing process, as in weekly or even more often. I'm not usre if you realize it or not, but stripping involves literally pulling the hair out by hand, and, yes, it IS painful to the dog. Stripping combs are only used for certain sections of the body, the rest needs to be pulled by hand. It really doesn't work to strip once, then clip once, etc., as the clipped coat needs to grow completely out prior to beginning stripping again.

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Unless you plan to show, clipping is the most humane. You can even do it at home by getting a good set of clippers and practicing. Of course taking the dog to the groomer will give the best results.

Alikazam answered on 2/25/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi Stripping a westie is a on-going process and you cannot rotate. Stripping is actually not painful for them if you do it correctly! And handstripping actually reduce alot of skin allergy problem and also easier to maintain on a daily basis! Handstripping a westie fur keep their hardcoat growing, and hardcoat fur are easier to maintain as they are more water proof/dirt proof and they don't matt as easily! And after handstripping, because of the hardcoat, you can spend less time combing out the soft fur!

But handstripping are expensive if done by groomers and time consuming if you do it yourself. I use a Mar stripping knife or a pumice stone.


TOto answered on 3/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I had Cairn Terriers - much the same coat. If the Westie is to be shown, she must have a "harsh, weather-resistant" coat, which can only be achieved by hand-stripping. If she is only to be a pet, either one is fine, but switching back & forth doesn't work. Clipping tends to produce a softer coat which, as a pet, might be preferable to you. With my Cairns, I had one of each: 1 hand-stripped, 1 clipped. The clipped one was better for petting, but soft coats produce more tangles & mats. The other had a more wiry coat & not as "cuddly". Depends on your personal preference. I don't find one method any easier than the other, or less annoying to the dog. I gave My Cairns Westie cuts for summer, & it's not that hard to learn to do yourself. Just try to get the pup used to either method as early as possible. Terriers are awesome - enjoy!!

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