We have a very hard time "potty training" my puppy!

I adopted a female puppy(Christi) five days ago,she is really smart and she has learnt sit/down/hand shake commands in two days,She actually perfected them but she did not learn the most important thing and it is potty training! She has crazy diarrhea because of some kind of amoeba but we are curing her anyways.
We tried to put diapers for her but she feels really annoyed and her "private parts" itch her or something like that after she poops/pees in it...
However we tried many other ways like putting a litter box and this stuff but non of them worked!
What me and my family need exactly:
We want her to stand on our home's door and wait there until we get her out(She does not have to wait more than 20 secs on the door anyways) or we want her to go to her litter box and poo in it alone! We at-least want her to warn us!
This is a serious problem and we may return her to the shelter if it does not get solved but I do not want to! I love her so much :'(
P.S:She is 2 months old.
Thank you...

Asked by Member 1098333 on Mar 8th 2012 Tagged poop, diarrhea, pee, dog, puppy, training, inthehouse, bad in Other Behavior & Training
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Another example of how people dont do any research & then wonder why dogs are in shelters at alarming rates. A 2 mth old puppy should be moving TOWARDS being housebroken but is no way READY to be housebroken. An 8 week old puppy is barely ready to be away from its mother and siblings 7 & you're upset because it cant be housebroken? Have you bothered to pick up a book or read a website? Puppies do not have control over their bowels and bladder completely until 4 or 5 months & even then can only hold it for so long. All you're doing is confusing matters.Diapers? Amoeba? Who told you she had an amoeba? Vet? Shelter? Have you been to the vet yet? Have you considered that the problem is from stress or moving to a new food? And I may get flamed or picked on but I dont really care. It seems you and your family may not be ready for a puppy.Perhaps an older dog that is already housebroken. Once you have some decent doggie education Maybe.Not enough room for everything wrong with this question

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I am with Bella on this one. Would you expect your 8 week old child to be completely potty trained??? Your puppy is no different and has about as much control over her bowels and bladder as an infant.
Housebreaking takes months to accomplish with complete dilligence and constant attention, and even then, expect some accidents. Teaching a dog to notify you at the door when it needs to go takes even longer.
Putting a diaper on a dog in no way will help her learn what is expected of her, she will only learn by being constantly watched and taken outside every half hour to 45 minutes.
Expecting her to learn to go in a litter box AND outside is only going to totally confuse her even more.
I also suggest you do some reading and research on housebreaking puppies, and if this is going to be more than you can handle, as it seems by your post, she should be returned to the shelter ASAP so she can get a home with more realistic expectations of how to raise a puppy.

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Bruno CGC

Bella, I wouldn't be so quick to judge. Amoebic dysentery is far from rare, and causes uncontrollable diarrhea, which will certainly make housebreaking difficult.

Guest, I suggest getting an ex-pen to keep her contained. Put her litter box in there with her, at the opposite end from her bed. If you see her sniffing or starting to squat, put her in the box immediately, and praise her and give her a little treat when she's done.

I recommend going to your library or searching online for whatever materials you can find about house training a puppy. "Before and After Getting Your Puppy" by Ian Dunbar is great and available for free online here:

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COMPLETELY agree with Bella!

This is a BABY! At 8 weeks old, she's probably only been away from her mom about 2 weeks, if even!

This is something that takes TIME! Puppies aren't like kittens. Don't expect them to just know when to go to the door. She needs to be taught the routine. You need to take her outside every half hour to get her to understand that's where she's supposed to go.

I honestly don't even think you could crate train a puppy that young. Are their bladders even strong enough to hold their urine?

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I got a lot of help from this virtual dog game:
It's really realistic and I love my virtual Cocker Spaniels..
I even became a dog trainer myself and talked to the other players who were really helpful! You can become a dog trainer for virtual dogs here:
Hope this helps.

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