Was my dog's neutering botched?

My dog is now 2 years old. I had him neutered as soon as I could, but lately he's been licking his genitals excessively. His penis is coming out I assume as far as it can and at the end it looks as though he still has a testicle. Is it possible the vet messed up and didn't completely neuter him? Could he have some sort of infection or is this normal? Should I take him to the vet? There was also some sort of liquid coming out of it once, but I haven't seen it since. He also humps pillows a LOT, but never other animals. He doesn't show any sort of aggressive behavior.

Asked by Member 1044954 on Aug 10th 2011 Tagged health, neutering in Spaying & Neutering
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It is possible his excessive licking is from an infection of the sheath, BUT, the penis coming out IS normal and that bulb you see swells when a tie happens and holds the penis in the female dog. It is NOT a testicle, those are/were located in the scrotal sack which is much lower and between his legs.
Removing his testicles does not totally remove his ability to still breed... but with no testicles he is sterile.
If he has what you consider excessive licking I would get him into your vet and have him checked for an infection.

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