Vomiting white foamy stuff?

The other day my mum told me that Dandi threw up white foamy stuff. I'm not sure of the circumstances around that incident.
However, today during her walk she did this again. It was just at the end of a 20-30 minute walk and I've no idea what the source was. I know she was a bit freaked out and anxious because there were some loud kids playing in the field we were walking through. She was also running when it happened, though the rest of the walk was just walking. It was just a bit of white foamy stuff and she was fine afterwards.
She's been eating, drinking and acting normally. Was it the exercise? She hasn't been walked for about a month due to being in heat so this was her first real exercise in a while. Or was it a response to being anxious? Or could she be sick? She also didn't get into anything during the walk; just sniffed some trees and flowers.

(fyi, she most likely will be getting spayed when funds allow)

Asked by DandiLion on Aug 25th 2008 Tagged vomit, vomiting, white, foamy, stuff, exercise, sick, stress in Illness & Disease
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my dogs throw the same thing if they are nervous, or eat grass, or have an upset tummy.. She probably had an upset tummy.Usually , I think it doesn't last long, but if it lasts more than a couple times within 24 hours , you should call her doctor.

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I am glad to hear you plan on spaying your girl :) The white foamy stuff you describe is pretty normal for a dog, as long as they aren't doing it on a daily basis, and multiple times a day. It typically could be because she was anxious, or she is out of shape, so the over-exertion was difficult on her, and it was harder for her to breathe. What time of day did you exercise her? Was it before or after she ate? Sometimes if you exercise your dog right before breakfast or dinner, they can puke up white foam, which really is only because they are being over-exerted and are hungry. Don't exercise your dog RIGHT after a meal either because this can cause bloating, and vomiting also. Wait an hour or so until their food is well digested. You might try taking the exercise thing slow with her at first - short walks, no runs - and see how it goes for her. Less is going to be more for her at this point. Hope this helps!

Sergeant answered on 8/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


my dogs-- chihuahuas females and mix breed male-- do this when they eat grass!!
if she is acting normal and the vomiting doesn't get worse or more frequent i wouldn't worry too much. however, if you are concerned, a quick call to your vet to ease your mind is recommended.

Tippi answered on 8/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


My dog vomits foam almost every time he is getting sustained excercise (I ride my bike and he runs alongside, but stops every so often to sniff and pee/poop) and sniffing alot. He starts out sniffing a scent intensely (grass usually); as he continues on afterwards, I notice he's dripping (clear watery mucous?)from his nose. We continue on-and it may be a mile later, or two, or three miles later-he starts to sort-of convulse from his chest-heaving is what I call it. Then sooner or later he vomits a great deal of white foam and may have a second go at it in a few minutes or even and hour later after we've arrived back home. He may have minor heaving for the next hour, but eventually it stops and he seems fine. I've had him to several vets with no real fix suggested. I don't know if this is causing permanent damage, but he can't go without excercise; he's a very high-energy Welsh Terrier, and how do I stop him from sniffing? When we play other energetic games: no sniffing/ vomiting

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