Gray Dawn Treader

Vinegar as a flea repellent?

So the garlic seems to be working for Cookie, but not Treader. We have a friend who knows a thing or two about dogs (she has taught me a little about the history of dog shows), and she says she always put a bit of vinegar in their drinking water and it worked to repel fleas.
Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? Never heard of it until now.

Reasons we don't wish to use commercial flea treatment:
1. I'm scared of pesticides
2. If we can spend less on something that works just as well or better than commercial flea control, we will.

Asked by Gray Dawn Treader on May 23rd 2010 in Flea & Tick Prevention
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I wouldn't put it in their water, but you can use it as a coat spray and see if that works. Some people find success with it, other's not so much.

I've used a small amount (tablespoon or two) mixed in with a cup of water in small spray bottle. Expect a slightly stinky coat. I had mixed results with it. It worked one summer, but not the next. Not really sure why.

Ingesting it might not be toxic right away, but it can change the alkaline content of the tummy and cause acid reflux. It also probably tastes nasty for them.

Jack answered on 5/23/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A few other natural choices:

A lot of people claim that brewers yeast repels fleas because of the smell. Hence, when we use this cure we use it externally. Rub it into the coat just like a flea powder, being careful to rub it right down to the skin. It's not sticky, doesn't stink, and washes out with water (re-apply once dry after swimming!). Safe around eye/mouth/ear/genitals.

Now, my favourite products include Force Field by McIntosh, although I think it may have been discontinued. This repellent is so safe I have used it on parrots and their homes.

Second favourite is Miracle Coat's No Fly Zone. A little stinky, but easily available. I use it on myself as well.

Both products have been tested by about two dozen friends in Northern Canada with great results.

Also to try: Flea the Scene by HappyTails, Tropiclean's Neem Shampoo, and I believe Petables makes one as well. There are lots of options these days. If you're really brave, try the Shoo! tag.


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Treader, you could do some research on Apple Cider Vinegar, the "good" kind. It will have some sediment in the bottle. Shake it up before using. You might have to go to a health food store to find it.
ACV is used for lots of different reasons for pets and people.

Member 201551 answered on 5/24/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I personally think vinegar in the drinking water would taste totally nasty. I wouldn't think a dog would drink it. There is a fantastic, all natural product you can use called PETfection Bug Spray. It is 100% Organic and Non Toxic... doesn't contain any chemicals or pesticides. It contains essential oils to ward off fleas and other bugs, but will also heal up any bites the dog has or gets. You can use it daily as a spray or as needed. Check it out at I highly recommend it!

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I use Av on my dog cooper as a final rinse after his weekly bath seems to very effective for him... sooths his flea bites as nothing else i have tried seemed to work...frontline advantage and others of the like don;t work for him but do for our other furry friends... not sure if it's just his chemistry or not... we live in Florida and well the fleas here are just terrible... we have treated the yard with several products to no avail... chemicals are so harsh to the enviornment and to our pets... our mixed Jack even had an alergic reaction to Adams Flea spray... Poor guy had to give him 2 baths to help him and get it off.... Hope this helped.. AV sure won't hurt them as other stuff can

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