Still has worms!

We have wormed Liberty for every possible worm. Most medicines don't kill tapeworms, so I got a special pill (cestex) from the vet, and she gets heartworm medicine once a month as well. Nearly four months after the thorough worming, there are worms in her poop!! She is also on Frontline for fleas, and I haven't seen any for months.The worms in her poop are flat and segmented like a tapeworm, only they are darker and you can almost see through them. I am maxed out on the money thing right now, so I can't exactly rush over to the vet and have him examine her at the moment. What worms could possibly have escaped the worming?!

Asked by Liberty on Dec 11th 2009 in Worms & Parasites
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What you are describing sure sounds like tapeworms. They sometimes require two wormings to get rid of them. We use drontal, also from our vet, for our stray cats and every once in a while we do have to repeat the worming to totally get rid of them.

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Another sure sign of tapeworm is small dried, white rice-like segments. A good place to look for them is where she sleeps. Or the segments might be stuck on her rear end.
Your vet should let you buy the Drontal if you are sure it's tapeworm. You need to know her weight before you go in.
Sometimes those worms are stubborn. Could there be fleas outside or in bedding? Or could she be catching and eating mice or other small critters? They carry the fleas too.
Good luck!

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There are many types of tapeworms. Two types are prevelant in dogs. One is transmitted by fleas, the other by raw meat, AND to make matters even worse the is a type that is "raw meat" vectored but specific to rodent meat, rats, mice, squirrels and rabbits. Beef and pork also have transmittable tapeworms in their meat.
Google up tapeworms, maybe you can see what she has. You will be amazed at how prevelant they are around the world.

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ok, tape worms are easily killed by most wormer at the vets.
So, they sound like tapeworms but worms that are tough to kill are Whipworms. I will give you a site with pics.
The vet should know by the site of them what they are. One time wormer and preventative are the normal thing they do at the office.
When tapeworms become in excessive lengths of say 4 ft. they become hard to detach.
Since Liberty is puppy I imagine it is not that. Whipworms are treated with pancur and even then very hard to rid of and makes dog sick.
Is this what you see:(whipworms can look greyish)(had dog years ago could never get rid of them, she was also poop eater)

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