Starting a Homemade DogFood Diet-Question help!

Starting a Homemade DogFood Diet-Question help!

I dont really want to use A LOT of supplements-my plan is to feed my pup eggs, a meat and rice (or other kinda carb)....he hates will not eat vegetables in the mix. So I am going to add in a powdered or other multi vitamin.

My question more or less lies on the Omega's--

If I add in olive oil daily/every other, with feeding my pup salmon 1-2x a week---is this sufficient for the omegas.

Ive read of other people doing to supplement all omega and just want to make sure its ok though-

So Summation:
(I do not want to go the full blown bone diet).
multi vitamin
omega's--olive oil in teh general routine and fish 1-2x/week...

I feel this should be sufficient but I am a newbie....I know EVERYONE has their own thoughts on what to feed a dog but from a general nutritional standpoint for omegas etc-does this sound ok?

Also-my pup will eat carrots uncooked and some other veggies here and there for snack:)

Asked by Member 1118729 on Jul 2nd 2012 in Homemade Food
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You should post this on the "Home Prepared Food" forum on this site. There are very knowledgeable people there.

Kali answered on 7/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer