Siberian Husky had surgery! PLEASE HELP!!!

My Siberian-Husky ate 4 feet of leather leash recently and had emergency surgery to open her stomach and clean out everything because her intestines were beginning to fail. Due to the amount of pain she was in, she didn't eat and is very lean. The vet was unable to stitch the stomach together properly because there's not enough fat for the incision to heal as quickly. As a result they released her 2 weeks later from the vet after complications with bleeding and drainage with sections of her stomach still open where you can actually see into her body. What I'm concerned about is in the middle of her stomach a bright pink organ looking object (maybe skin tissue or crystal growth) is popping out from the middle of the hole. On Friday the pink object was roughly an inch long but on Sunday, 3 days later, it's became about an inch and a half to two inches long. Our current vet believes it's skin growing back however when we showed another vet they say it's not normal. I can email pics!!!

Asked by Member 1167683 on Apr 28th 2013 Tagged surgery, skin, siberianhusky, vet in Health & Safety
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I am no vet but I would like to see pics. Can you email it to me? My email is

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What does the vet who seen her & said it is not normal think it is? I would be very concerned if it were my dog.

Remy answered on 5/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer