Should I worry if my dog has Green Poop?

We Switched his dog food to Halo Spot's Stew about three weeks ago and Today his poop was very Green.

Asked by Member 613075 on Mar 27th 2008 Tagged greenpoop in Other Health & Wellness
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Is the poop bright green or a dark green? Any time I have seen green in poop it has always been because of illness. But with you switching dogfood lately. I would check the label on the bag and see what the ingredients are. You should look for Chicken, Lamb, or some other meat. Meal is ok, by-products are not. I also do not like corn in the ingredients.

One other thing, is the poop runny or firm? time. Firm.....look at label of dogfood. I hope this helps.

Daisy answered on Mar 27th.

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Miss Buddie

It depends. With a dog food change, maybe not. Has your dog gotten into anything lately? Buddie's poop turned bright orange after eating some of my daughter's crayons. BOL

If he's acting normally and the stools are not runny, it should be fine.

Miss Buddie answered on 3/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer