Lilly Yoko Garin

She'll only listen to one person...

My baby girl Lilly is a wonderful doggy when she's with me. She walks well enough, sometimes she pulls and will jump at the occasional passing leaf that blows in the wind. She will do what I say during walks. She isn't the same way with her daddy. She loves her daddy, don't get me wrong, but she's different with him. She pulls and tugs and won't sit still. She eats everything off the ground and chases things and wnt stay by his side to save her life. We have very different walking experiences.
The same thing goes for our home lives. Now I also do most of her training and such. He works and I stay at home. I know that she sees me as the alpha and I think that maybe she sees him as below her in the pack by the way she treats him. I don't know how to correct this behavior. Please help us put our little girl in her place with the best ways possible. We want it to be an easy transition so she isn't heartbroken but he doesn't come home crying he's so frustrated either.

Asked by Lilly Yoko Garin on May 18th 2014 Tagged alpha, beta, leash, walking, training, help in Other Behavior & Training
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That has happened in our household also. So I am training my husband how to do sign language with Willow and facial expressions and especially be patient with her. Yelling at a dog does not do any good. She is so good for me and is so smart and knows better then to pull and jump around too. Work together with your dog and let your husband see how to handle her. They are like kids in so many ways, testing the waters so to speak. Good luck.

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