Purchased a 11mo old puppy and was told at the time that she has some baby teeth that needed to be taken out as it turns

I figured ok I'll have them removed when I get her spayed but was told that she would be under too long so I said I would have it done separately as it turns out when I took her to my vet for her first check she has a whole mouth of double teeth and a lot of tarter buildup already and very expensive. I have contacted the breeder as there is still a month left on her health guarantee and told her that I did not want to return the dog but am wanting to get help for this expense only to be accused of not being a responsible pet owner and hung up on. Any advice? Thank you!!!

Asked by Member 997333 on Jul 18th 2010 in Dental Care
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This is a classical scam. She knew how bad the dog was. She knew the dog had a malform problem. She knew she couldn't afford to fix it herself. She pawned the dog off onto you. It is sad that people do this to innocent loving owners. She hung up because she knew she would hear from you again. She is hiding from the fact, she sold you a sick dog.
I don't know if your state has police laws on this type of thing.? if so, take them with you. If not then turn her into the ASPC and tell them you suspect her of having other animals that are sick and malformed.
You already have the proof. I don't know much about double teeth, usually the baby teeth are shed. But, this dog could have a double set of adult teeth which is incredibly rare but the dog is malformed and has a defective mouth which might be very painful. You could file a civil suit which is like small claims(up to 5,000) and have vet testify she was already sick and the owner knew it. good luck.

Dieta answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Only a year on a health guarantee? that is not much. I do not think you have been dealing with a very responsible breeder. I do think they should at least put up part of the fee if not all of it to make it right.

Dunkin answered on 7/20/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer