Pregnant dog mucus plug?

My dog is pregnant, I have read all about it, I am prepared, it is not the first time to receive young ones. How ever pregnant dogs do have the normal clear white discharge through out pregnancy that usually just makes a wet spot and goes away. I have not seen a mucus like substance hang from her, however Thursday night there was a dried up mucus like substance on the couch (just a little bit of it, twice). Would it be her mucus plug? I just want to see other peoples opinions.

Asked by Member 1104692 on Apr 7th 2012 in Pregnancy
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I have assisted at over 100 whelpings and I have NEVER had a pregnant dog with ANY discharge throughout pregnancy except one who lost her litter at about 6 weeks after having a clear discharge.
If you are seeing dried up mucus, I would be seeing a vet to make sure there is no infection. Any "mucus plug" is seen when the female is in labor, immediately BEFORE the pups are born, not at any other time, especially any length of time before, IME.
If there is an infection you could end up with an entire litter of sick and dying pups as they can get infected as they pass thru the birth canal.
Hopefully she is alright, but if she were mine she would be visiting a vet, ASAP.

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