Pitbull puppy has chronic pudding consistency diarrhea.

I've been to the vet several times and mom has asked her several questions. I've been treated for parasites (dewormed) and this is a problem that I've had since I was found. I've consistently had a hard time passing any stool. I tend to shuffle around in a circle after passing a sizeable amount and will pass small amounts a little at a time with lots of straining. It hurts to poop! :( Sometimes it's solid with "juice" drops, more often it's pudding-like. I'll bleeds small amounts when I'm stressed, too :(
Mom has discussed several options with the vet including weak anal muscles (tested, not apparent), worms (deworming did nothing and there were no other symptoms), and irritable bowel. I'm on Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Chicken and Rice. Probiotic supplements have helped the straining some but now I consistently poop pudding-like diarrhea. Should I try some more commercial foods (yuck!)? What are your experiences with this? Could it be allergies? Please help!

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Is this the food that your puppy was originally on or is it something you switched him to? Some dogs have more sensitive stomachs and can't tolerate the higher end foods especially when they are puppies. I've had some dogs that would have mushy poop like this on them and had to find another brand that they would tolorate better. If this is the case you might want to try some other brands. Not necessarily the commercial junk but something in between. Also if it's having diarrhea try not feeding the puppy for 24 hours to give the GI tract time to rest. Continue to give the puppy lots of water and pedialytes. It's very important to keep him hydrated. After that try giving him either boiled hambuger with rice or boiled chicken ( without the skin) or cottage cheese. Make sure to give him small servings of it a couple times a day for the next couple days then slowly try to reintroduce dog food back into his diet. Good luck and I hope your dog feels better soon.

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I don't know if this would help, but a friend of mine had a cat with similar symptoms as you describe. They found a portion of his lower intestinal tract was malformed. He had a large anus and it was very sore. The vet diagnosed his issue with an x-ray and a ultrasound. They found he had a pocket in his intestine where his waste was getting trapped. It was very low in his intestine and it made it nearly impossible for him to go to the bathroom. Occasionally, he did have drips of diarrhea, but most times he was so constipated he cried when he went. He was given stool softener and gastrointestinal food which helped. The vet eventually was able to surgically repair they portion of the intestine affected once it was found. I hope that helps and good luck!

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He might have IBS. You can try putting him on an IBS specific food, but of course slowly mix it in with his old food to not upset his stomach further. If that doesn't help, he could be allergic to chicken or wheat in the food you are currently giving. You can get an allergy test done for food if you want. In the meantime, you might try giving him some charcoal treats or Happy Tummy treats to bulk up the diarrhea. The charcoal treats come in different brands and the Happy Tummy are from PETfection. All of PETfection products are 100% Natural too. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

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Try lamb and rice. I did the chicken and rice thing and had the same problem with constant runny stool. Immodium and Pepcid didn't help. No joke, it resolved the very first time I fed lamb and rice. If that doesn't do it, I'd try bland food (cooked long grain white rice and plain ground beef) until you get solid stool, then slowly mix in the new kibble until the transition is complete. Best of luck!

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try adding a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin to your dog's food. My shelter dog had the same problem when we first brought her home and it really works like magic :)

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