people bum sniffing, how do we stop it???

My dog sniffs everyone's bottom parts, I do not know how to correct him properly. I need suggestions. He even sniffs my husband and my parts so it does not make a difference if it is an unfamiliar person. I am at a loss.

Asked by Member 965559 on Feb 17th 2010 Tagged badbehavior in Other Behavior & Training
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Dogs love "interesting" smells, including grass, poop, armpits, crotches, and thousands of other scent-producing objects!

Whenever a dog is doing something unwanted (chewing, digging, sniffing privates, etc.), I give pretty much the same advice: Train an alternative behavior, like "sit" or "lie down." Use positive reinforcement (small bits of chicken or other yummy treats), and praise.

Also, teach the dog the meaning of "ah, ah," as follows:

1. When he sniffs someone's crotch, say "ah, ah." If he stops, praise immediately and reinforce with a treat.

2. If he continues, say, "Oh, too bad," and calmly take his collar or leash and walk him to a safe, boring place, like the yard or laundry room.

3. After 3-5 minutes, welcome him back to your presence. If he sniffs, repeat the above steps. Soon he'll learn to stop any unwanted behavior when he hears, "ah, ah!"

In addition, lots of exercise helps in general. If he's not neutered, please take care of that right away, too! Good luck!

Katie answered on Feb 17th.

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Say Ut ut, then if he looks away you praise or feed him a tad bit of chicken or something.
Correct and feed can possibly stop it.
Is he humping too?
This could be that he needs neutering.

It's natural for them to sniff but if he is being overly rude time to teach manners.

Dieta answered on 2/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Smelling crotches is totally normal for dogs. Their sense of smell is so amazing they can tell where a person has been, what they have had to eat, if they have been with other people, etc through sniffing. According to dog psychologists, this crotch sniffing freaks humans out more than anything! Dogs aren't being weird, just their way of saying hello and seeing where you have been. I have never tried to stop my dog from doing this; if they do this to other people I explain why or the person can move away. To me it is kind of like making a person not shake another persons hand when introduced.

Petri answered on 2/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer