My yorkie is a female and has peed on th floor for 5 years. I put pee pads on the floor and she uses them once in a whil

I have stopped feeding her all day and only feed her wet food twice a day. She is very demanding about when she wants to eat. She scratches the kitchen cabinet by the sink when she is hungry. The peeing all over the house is got me crazy. I have been shampooing my carpet every week and it needs to be removed.

Asked by Member 877036 on Sep 15th 2009 Tagged peeingonthefloor in House Soiling
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No question, so I guess you want her to stop?

She has been spoiled, you are going to have major tantrums about the changes, so be prepared.
Crate her in a crate only large enough to stand and lie down in - no larger or she will toilet in the crate. Dogs do not pee or poop when they can't get away from it.

Link to potty training.:

Pepper answered on 9/15/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Harper Lee

I agree with the crate training. Or if you want to try something without a crate, you can make up a schedule where you take her out about 3- 6 times a day. The same times every day. If she goes outside she won't be able to go inside. Make it fun. Praise her and give her a treat right after she pees. I did that with my dog and it worked like a charm. I've also seen this method used on "It's Me or the Dog." My dog goes 3 times a day. Once in the morning with a biscuit. Once after work with dinner and once before bed with a biscuit. She used to go in the house every day before I tried this. About the food, I would just tell her no! Make her stop jumping and scratching. NEVER give in to her scratching for food. If you feed her every day at the same time she will get the hint. Also, make her behave before you give it to her.

Harper Lee answered on 9/16/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Wow, has that dog got you wrapped around it's little paw or what? Your dog really isn't the problem here, it is you. You need to get tough in your ability to ignore her and get super tough in taking her outside every few hours to teach her that outside is the proper place to go pee.
She's demanding because she knows you cave in easily so she knows once she starts scratching on the cabinets, you're going to give her whatever she's asking for. The quickest way to make that stop is to completely ignore her. She starts scratching, you walk away into another room. Don't say anything, just go. When she stops scratching or barking, you come back into the room. She starts again, out you go. Do not give her any treat of any kind during this. She needs to piece together that when she scratches you leave. She won't like that.
You need to create a schedule of taking her outside to go potty. When she does go, you praise her like crazy. Take her out after every meal and many times in between.

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