My Yorkie doesnt pee on his

Hi Everyone.
I have a 5 year old Yorkie which I've had since he was 8 weeks old. I am away for about 10 hours a day, therefore I lay pads down in my basement for him to pee on. He pees on them about once every 2 weeks. When he pees on them, I praise him and give him lots of treats but it is so frustrating when he doesnt...
He seems to always pee in the same spot which is on the wall about 2 feet away from his pads. The pads are in the middle of the floor... I tried spraying vinegar on the wall to prevent him from peeing there, I tried crate training him when he was a baby which lead to him peeing in his bed and lying in it. I've tried punishement when I get home to find pee on the floor. I dont know what to do anymore...HELP!! Thank :)

Asked by Member 1085291 on Jan 17th 2012 in Dogs and a Clean Home
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I'm not a trainer nor a dog expert. I take the easiest route to resolving a problem. My male Jack Russell did the peeing on the same spot but in this case he raises his leg against my drawers. So we didn't bother training him to go to the pad. We brought the pad to him. I would hang wee-wee pads to the drawers high enough to catch the spray and place a second pad to catch whatever trickles down. He trained himself not to step on his piss or his poop so when he goes multiple times, he picks a dry clean spot in the pad. Sometimes we'd used upto 3 large pads at a time when we'd be gone more than 6 hours. Now he does it perfectly every time and we don't have to clean any wet spots on the floor...except when he's being belligerent. We understand how expensive wee wee pads are so we order 300 large pads every month for $50 from HDIS. I hope this helps you.

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Tokyo Bogart

Don't punish him for peeing in the wrong place. Just praise him for going in the right place, and put the pad up against the wall -- males, even neutered ones, like to lift their legs and pee on a vertical surface. use two pads if necessary, taping the edge of one about a foot up the wall, and placing another one below.
Also, don't be freaked out -- paper towels are cheap, and your little dog is precious. Get some "Petastic" spray to clean up with / get rid of the odor of pee pee on the floor or wall, as leaks can still occur.
There is some tape called "Dorm tape" that works great for attaching the pad to the wall, and it won't harm the paint or finish of your walls.

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You mentioned you reward him for using them. However by the time you get home and see hes used them and reward him - hes long since forgotten. He thinks you're rewarding him for whatever he did in the 10 seconds proceeding the praise. The same goes for the punishment. He doesnt get it if that much Many people in this situation crate train. You can buy a larger, longer crate that has a potty area on one side and his sleep/rest area on the other. If you're intent on sticking with the wee pads then you need to spend about a solid week training him to go there and praising when it happens. Over and over again. Move the pads closer to hi preferred spot. Vinegar will likely not work. You're going to have to first clean that area with an enzyme cleaner - like Natures Miracle. Then start all over with the pad training.

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