My puppy Pees about every ten minutes!


I have an 8 1/2 week old shih Tzu/ poodle and he will not stop peein all over the house. he is crated for a couple hours during he day and he only wakes up once or twice a night to go out...never peeing in his crate. I take him out right away but he will pee inside like ten minutes later. Sometimes its barely any its like hes just doing it to do it! Please help!

Asked by Member 822720 on Apr 24th 2009 in Housebreaking
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This is one of the toughest things you'll ever teach him not to do is to relieve himself in the house. You can expect to continue training him well into 4 or even 5 months old. He won't pee in his crate because he realizes it's his bed and he doesn't want to sleep on his own urine. He doesn't see your house in the same way so you really have to limit him roaming around it on his own. Try using security gates to keep him in what ever room you're in and put down puppy mats just in case. Every time he relieves himself in your house that isn't on a puppy mat, you have to catch him in the act and tell him no, put him outside and leave him there fore a few minutes. Puppies forget very easy and they don't understand what they did wrong. Eventually he will catch on and find a way to tell you when he's got to go. Remember they eat 3 times a day and drink water just as much so of course they have to go. It's up to you to show him where to go and always take him out the same door.

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A dog going excessively might have bladder infection.
Other then that, take dog out every 1/2 hr. and when they pee outside praise alot and run them in circles praising in joy.

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If he strains and dribbles, it is likely it is the bladder infection as mentioned. Antibiotics from the vet should quickly clear it up.

Done right, housebreaking isn't that hard, but the details will never fit in 1000 characters. Send me a pawmail or to

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in the case your dog is peeing every 10 mins you might want to take him to the vet or tell the d,c,s,p,c,a

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