Snoopy, Mistur Beegul

My puppy Doesn't Bark Yet

He is a Beagle so it is strange for him to not be barking yet? He is already two months old and he turns 3 months on Dec.13.

Asked by Snoopy, Mistur Beegul on Dec 4th 2012 Tagged bark, puppy, beagle in Behavior & Training
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Some dogs "find their voices" when they are a little older. Koby found his at around 6 months old and hasn't shut up since........ LOLOL

Koby answered on Dec 4th.

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Be glad he does not, most beagles tend to make alot of noise. It really is not uncommon for a dog to not start barking until they are older. Sometimes they need time to get confedence.

Dunkin answered on 12/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer