My pup won't stop peeing in her crate?

Our 4 month old aussie won't stop peeing in the house. She usually only pees in her crate/pen when we go to let her out. It doesn't seem to be excitement piddles cause she will wait till we approach the crate/pen and then squat and pee. It doesn't mater how long she is in her crate/pen she will always go when letting her out. She gets lots of rewards and praise when she goes outside and when out of her crate she has very few accidents inside. We take out on a leash, try to keep gongs calm when letting her out, and have tried approaching in a submissive posture to eliminate fear piddles. Nothing is working. Lately she has been getting worse and peeing several times in the process of letting her out. We have had her checked for UTI's and came back clear. Please help!!!

Asked by Member 1022821 on Feb 16th 2011 Tagged puppies, housebreaking, peeing, training, pottytraining, help in Housebreaking
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Have you tried moving the crate to an other area? In a way so she doesn't see you when you come to let her out.
If that doesn't work it's maybe a good idea to put her in an other crate or a separate room maybe.
Have you tried leaving her in a kitchen or a bathroom for a short amount of time? This way you can very easily test if she only pees in the crate or every time you leave her alone.
Also, she's an aussie, make sure she gets enough exercise. It's also a possibility she is just exited when she gets out of the crate because getting out of the crate means fun and playtime.
In this case, you should make it less fun when she get's out. So don't make a fuzz and don't go play right away and don't go for a walk right away.
When she learns that it's nothing special to get out, your problem might go away. Depending on the cause of course.
But I would try putting her in a room for 10 min. or so and then see if she still has te same problem..

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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

How long do you leave her in there?
A general rule of thumb is to take the number of months in her age and add one. A four month old puppy should generally be crated for no more than five hours. (A five-month old puppy no more than, six, etc.) It can probably vary from dog to dog. So I guess my suggestion is to try leaving her in the crate for less time, if you can.

Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011) answered on 2/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer