My male English Bulldog and my girlfriends male American Bulldog/boxer mix aren't getting along. Please help.

I recently brought home my 4 year old English Bulldog from my parents house, they were taking care of him while I was studying abroad. My girlfriend has a 2 year old male American Bulldog/ boxer mix breed. He is neutered, my bulldog is not. We go to the dog park with them once to twice a week, walk them once to twice a day, feed them separately, and keep them in separate rooms when we aren't home. We also don't let them outside, feed them, or throw tennis balls until they sit. They get along fine on walks, in the car and at the dog park. In fact on a recent trip her dog was licking the drool from my dogs face. Every now and then my dog or her dog will snap when the ore dog is close and start a fight. The first few times it was easy to separate them, this week her dog has started to bite down and clinch onto my dogs ears, head, neck, etc. Tonight her dog attacked while my dog was sitting in the corner of my room. Can this behavior be fixed? Do we need professional help?

Asked by Member 1178685 on Jul 5th 2013 Tagged bulldog, males, fights, aggression, toys, food, territory in Aggression
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Tasha (in memory)

Why do you have two large dogs inside all day? That is not healthy and can lead to aggression. You DEFINITELY need to hire a trainer yesterday and the best thing for your dog might be to bring him back to your folks. You might not want to live with this person and her dog if she has a young snippity dog that's bigger than yours and wants to be the Alpha by beating your dog into submission. ^_^

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