My male dog won't let my female dog make friends with other dogs how can I change this behavior?

My male dog is fixed and I'm getting my female spayed this Thursday which I'm hoping that will fix his issue but if it doesn't I need to know what to do to change this! When they are out alone they make friends with others just fine it's when they are together!

Asked by Member 1144545 on Dec 10th 2012 in Aggression
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I had that with my dogs also. Both were fixed but the male did not want any other dog to play with her. It was like little like small kids on the playground not wanting anyone to play with their friend. What I did was when the male acted up, I would tell him no then make him come to me where I would keep him next to me, talking to him the whole time telling him everything was fine until he calmed down and let it go. It took aw4hile. And it still comes up at times. But he is a lot better

Dunkin answered on 12/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer