My German Shepherd went after a woman and ripped her coat, is there a chance he will be put down?

My mother took my dog out to pee on her lunch break and he ended up doing a number 2. While she was cleaning up the mess a woman decided she was going to walk past with a dark coat and dark hat. My mom noticed him tugging so she pulled into the street. He was trying to get at her and ended up somehow breaking his leash and ran to the woman and bit her coat. My mother immediately grabbed him and put him in the house when she went to check on the woman, my mom made the woman remove her arm from the coat and there was no damage done. The woman now wants me to pay for her coat which I said I would, as long as it is within reason. He has only ever went after one other person who also wore dark hoodie and a dark hat. That was 3 years ago. I am just worried she will report him and he is aggressive but once he is comfortable with you he is an extremely big baby, just protective of me and my mother. Is there anyway if she reports him, will he be put down if he didn't even hurt her??

Asked by Member 1140650 on Nov 14th 2012 in Aggression
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Probably won't be put down if this is the first reported case. Pay for the damn coat..regardless of was handler bit someone who was walking down the street minding her own business! Now..this is the second time he has gone after someone. Huge liability & reflects a gap in training. Either hire a behaviorist to assess him & you, or really step up your training. Socialize him extensively to all kinds of people & clothing. Muzzle him in public until you get a handle on this.
He should not be tugging if you have given him a wait command.
How do you know the woman is not psychologically hurt? You have a power breed. You MUST be extra vigilant & make no excuses for his behavior. He may end up labeled a dangerous dog..with all the restrictions & fines that go with that. Step it up..your dog is well over 3 years old & can kill someone if you don't do something NOW!!

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