My Dog's Behavior After Surgery, Normal?

My 1 1/2 year old baby boy went through abdominal surgery this past monday for a foriegn object stuck in his abdomen. He Is On antibiotics, and metacam to help him sleep. His 3 inch opening has a lot of "meat" sticking out still, and im worried its not healing correctly. Also, He hasn't pooped since his surgery. The Vet says it's normal, but it's been 5 days! How is that normal? They told me to bring him in on monday if he still hasn't pooped. Today he threw up for the first time since i have had him and i think it is because of the metacam (we started his first dose last night) He cant keep food down so the vet told me to not feed him at all. Im So Confused and Very stressed out about him, i feel like im getting mixed signals from his vet, im trying to keep it together, but i dont know what steps i should take next?!

Asked by Member 1060582 on Oct 1st 2011 Tagged surgery in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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I think I would be taking him right back to the veterinarian or perhaps even finding a new vet!!
There is no way it is normal for, as you describe it, "meat" to be showing on an incision. It should be just skin to skin, like any sutured incision. Some swelling is normal, but no exposed tissue is normal at all!
It is also not normal for vomiting to be occuring.
It sounds like it might be time for a visit to an emergency clinic as NONE of his symptoms sound at all normal to me, and I have seen MANY surgeries for obstructions.

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PLEASE TAKE HIM FOR A 2ND OPINION! My dog almost died after having a "common" bladder stone surgery. 5 weeks went by of me complaining to his vet that he couldn't hold his urine and would urge every 30-45 mins. long story short, His vet kept telling me "he is fine" my Gut said NO, 10+ visits, $5000 in vet bills, the specialist did an ultrasound and showed his bladder inflamed! Had to have emergency surgery to save him from the STAPH bacteria trapped by the sutures! At the Mins. Insist on getting an Ultrasound to make sure he is healing!!! Something is wrong if he is not able to keep food down 5 days later! Please, don't waste any more time! If I had waited any longer, my dog would be dead. (Not to scare you--but there are many incompetent vets operaring. I learned the HARD way never to have my dog's surgery at a regular vet!!! Huge differents between a regular vet and a hosptial They have everything there needed--including around the clock care!!!! Please keep me posted. Good Luck!

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