my dog keeps throwing up

he is 3 months old bulldog. keeps throwing up bile and sometimes food

Asked by Member 552202 on Dec 31st 2007 in Health & Safety
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There are a lot of things this could be.

If he's throwing up bile, it is more than likely that he is having an upset tummy due to not having enough food in his stomach and the bile is coming up as a result. This is fairly common in dogs, especially dogs under a year. Jack struggled with this problem off and on througout his puppyhood. And, yes, he sometimes threw up his food, too.

Obviously, a dog who vomits even once a week isn't "normal" and there is almost always some underlying reason. Most of the time, if you notice it is in the morning or later afternoon and there's bile involved, you can deduce that it is from acid reflux/empty tummy. Try making sure he has treats or food in his tummy right before bed and first thing in the a.m.

Of course, your dog COULD have something more serious wrong, but its UNLIKELY. Have a vet check him out and look for any spontaneous regurgitation (flying out of mouth with no retching) which could be a RARE but serious esophagus malformation.

Jack answered on 12/31/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Did you recently switch his food? If you have, maybe it was switched to fast and he hasn't adjusted to the new food. Or there could be something in his food that does not agree with him.
It could also be that he is eating his food too fast and that is upsetting his stomach. Perhaps buy a food puzzle cube or ball where he has to work to get his food out. This will cause him to take longer to eat and not upset his stomach.
You should also call your vet if this has been ongoing for sometime.

Yukiko answered on 12/31/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer