My dog jumps on people and scares them

I have tried everything! He won't stop jumping on people! He has scared many people including children. He isn't aggressive or anything he just loves people. Help!

Asked by Caspian on May 27th 2013 Tagged jumping in Jumping Up
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Experts say a dog jumps on humans mainly because of two reasons. One, he is happy to see people and jumps as a way of greeting and saying hello. Since he can’t reach our face to lick it and show his affection, he jumps up to reach our face. Another reason is that by jumping, the dog is trying to show his dominance over us. for more info

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Dog Jumping is not an annoying thing for the owners but it is for the guests as they are unaware of the behavioral pattern of the dogs who they come across. In order to make her learn this, start by short trsaining sessions with some good veterinary expert make her learn and identify peoples slowly. He would surely learn and stop that in some days.

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It is a normal behavior, but he is big, so must be trained to SIT instead.
Since you know he does this, the most important thing is MANAGEMENT - use a leash, and step on it. Or turn around and walk him away.
Use gates or a crate indoors to separate him from company. Don't yell and grab or otherwise restrain him. Stay calm. No training is instant. Time and lots of practice are required.
Teach him he will get no attention if he jumps, but if he sits, he will get pets and rewards.
You will have to instruct everyone he meets to ignore him completely.

If he is rewarded enough for a good sit and jumping fails to get any notice AND gets him removed from the people, he will learn.

Full info on this site

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Regular exercise is the best way to help get the energy out. For many breeds, such as the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd, frequent activity is a necessity for both mind and body. Schedule daily walks and some time outdoors where they can stretch their legs and keep their minds stimulated.

Parks are ideal for dog activity and provide your dog plenty of social exposure. If your dog is exhibiting a lot of energy and becoming frustrated with being stuck inside (looking out the window and wishing they could play outside), consider finding them a puppy pal.

One thing to consider when it comes to active dogs is that they adore education. Dogs love to listen and interact with you and others. The more time you spend teaching them tricks, the less hyper and chaotic they will be.

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