My dog is female a brittany spaniel, 7 years of age she is having problems with her left hind leg. It is up constantly,

Asked by Member 1106138 on Apr 16th 2012 Tagged dogs in Dogs and a Clean Home
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Left hind leg up constantly? The leg may be in pain-it could be one thing of many possible reasons: The leg could be in pain as your dog is not putting the weight on it. It's possible that it is sprained, broken, she may be suffering from arthritis of some kind (glucosamine for dogs help their aches) she could have been bitten by an insect or another aninmal (hopefully not rodents or skunks). My Lab had this problem before. I changed his diet no starch or carbohydrates or gluten, went to 1800 Pet Meds, got this homeopathic meds added as drops to ease his pain in the leg and it helped withing a few days. I avoid the outside from further injury just to watch your dog. A visit to the Vet will also help to get an Xray. My dog has bone cancer at that time but no pain meds helped his limp. The change of diet, glucosamine & the 800 Pet Meds drop for arthritis did helped him a whole lot.

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