My dog is a picky eater. HELP!

He is just maintaining his weight.
Vet says he is perfectly healthy.
He's a picky eater and sometimes he'd lose 2-5 pounds if he refuses to eat what I give him. If I give him food, he will not eat it and would instead turn the trash over. However, if there's another dog on stand-by who would eagerly watch in envy as he eats, even if he doesn't like what I give him, he'd eat it with gusto. The moment that dog leaves, he'd stop eating.

Also, he doesn't like eating 3 similar meals in a row.If I serve him today, he would eat with fervor and chomp everything down as if it's his favorite but if I continue giving him the same food for another two meals, his appetite would die down and again he would ignore the food until I serve a new one. I want him to stick to a diet. I don't want to play with his stomach and change food every now and then. He's losing weight this way and I think he is skinny. I'll post photos of him afterwards.

Asked by Drago on Oct 22nd 2013 Tagged food, pickyeater, germanshepherd, feedingproblems, underweight in Other Food & Nutrition
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Tasha (in memory)

I have a suggestion that will be costly in the beginning but pay off in the long run. Natural Choice has four types of Grain Free diets: fish, turkey, lamb and venison. You can buy a medium bag of each (which is not a lot for a large dog) and then mix-up the flavors. I do this with cat food and have never had a problem with the same brand for multiple pets. Once his stomach gets used to the food, which guarantees healthy skin/coat and is $$ guaranteed, the combinations are endless. Then all you will need is a couple of food containers. ^_^ www.nutro.com

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